Friday, June 25, 2010

My June Doll Quilt will be FEATURED on Emboridery Library's Stitcher's Showcase!

I just got the email -- it's going to be showcased on Monday, June 28th!!

Here's the email text:

Thank you for sending in the photo of your project: Pink Bouquet Quilt! We’re pleased to let you know that we’ll be featuring it on Embroidery Library’s Stitchers Showcase soon – watch for it on 6/28/2010.

To see the showcase, go to and click on the “Stitchers Showcase” tab. If you happen to miss seeing your project’s premiere, you can always find it later, or refer others to it, by going to the calendars on the Showcase page, and clicking on that date. After your project has been posted on 6/28/2010, you can find it at this address:

And here's a picture of the quilt:


  1. Good for you! That is such a pretty quilt! Will be watching for it on Monday.

  2. Thanks Quiet Quilter! I'm pretty excited about it --- it was my first doll quilt ever!

  3. Just took a peek over there today!! Wonderful quilt and congrats on being featured, that is very exciting!!


  4. Thanks Rachel!!

    I must have opened the web page twenty times -- just to see it again!