Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How about a real update? With Pictures?

Okay -- so I've been seriously lacking in posting.  I kinda got sick, had surgery, basically followed with emergency treatment. Almost the entire month of November was spent recovering from surgery - which I'm a "slow healer" to begin with - and then December was filled with doctor visits and treatments and lab work.

As of yesterday the doctor likes what she sees!  Great news!! I have follow-up appointments scheduled, but they don't forsee anything as major as November and December. whew!

I got a TINY bit of sewing done in the last two months, mostly spent the days on the computer (but not updating?!?!?) and watching daytime tv.

Today I've taken down the Christmas decorations and dusted the apartment, I want to vaccum and wash the dishes. Probably the longest to-do list I've had for a while.  If I  have any energy after that list, I want to go back and sew -- I have a few gifts left to make, and I'm working on an ordered quilt.  =)

But first, here are pictures of finished items: 

Christmas Gift for Boyfriend's Aunt

Christmas Gift for Family Friend

Adorable purple turtle ornament FROM a quiltingboard.com friend

Thank You Gifts for some Co-Workers

A Birthday Gift

Christmas Gift

Ordered Christmas Gift for a Friend's Husband =)

Okay, That's good for now. Off to finish some chores so I can finish some sewing!!  =) 

Happy New Year All!!

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