Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here are the details:

1.I will make a little something for the first 3 people who comment on this post. It will be a surprise and it will arrive when you least expect it.

2.I will have 365 days to do it in. What's the catch? To get a handmade present from me, you have to play too! This means YOU pledge to send a little handmade something for 3 readers of your blog. It doesn't have to be quilty - just handmade.

3.You must have a blog.

4.Once you comment here, you must post about your Pay It Forward on your blog to keep the fun going - with the Pay It Forward badge. Also, feel free to join the Flickr group to see what else is being sent!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jess, It's me, Rain! LOL I've been looking at your blog, nice, sweet, cool. I will have to stop in and meet you on my way to VA again soon. LOL
    I don't have a blog, don't know how to do that. But, your items for your machines are ready for you.