Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Quilty-esque Stuff

I'm trying to get caught up on all of the little "projects" that have accumulated in the sewing room, as well as the three swaps I'm involved in on the quiltingboard.

I finished all four sets of six blocks for the Halloween swap -- and since I'm getting back 24 blocks in that one, I changed my monthly theme to dutchman's puzzle blocks or brown and gold blocks (WHAT?!? Two more projects?!)  The dutchman's puzzle will be for me, and I'm going to auction off the brown/gold one at my school to raise money for the yearbook program & the speech team. No more big swaps for me, but I'm going to stay in the Monthly Bee Swap (and do side swaps here) -- I like that I can control the amount of time I spend on this one each month.

This is my last Boomerang Swap -- though I have learned that sending out a bunch of different fabrics is better (for me) than everyone getting the same fabric.  Everyone is so creative and I love how everyone puts their personality into each block. 

I have a few "random" projects I want to finish this week:
1. Charisma's Shower Curtain - she's been very patient, but I think 6 months is a long enough wait!
2. cornhole bags for my brother
3. Monogramming my department chair's bags
4. Snowman quilt top for my mom (Charisma is going to Long Arm it for me!)

That's a big enough list for one week.  I'll be going into school for at least the first part of the week to clean/purge/sort/organize my new classroom. The amazing boyfriend painted it for me - it's so bright and cheery (and non-traditional!) - I just have to get everything where I want it to live.

Okay -- Some pictures:
Boom 5 - to Cherylw

Boom 5 - to grammiebj

Boom 5 - to frogquilter

Boom 5 - to navarre2011

Boom 5 - to kathy n

Boom 5 - to pokerdiva

Boom 5 - to brenda 5

Boom 5 - to nursebonnie

Boom 5 - to ok darla

Boom 5 - to dogsgod

Boom 5 - to quiltermomma

Boom 5 - to bibilostone

Boom 5 - to jaciqltznok

Boom 5 - to tolepainter54

Monthly Bee - to shnnn

Monthly Bee - to paintmejudy

Monthly Bee - to lisalisa

Monthly Bee - to rfbrazell

Monthly Bee - to toriabelle

Monthly Bee - to jadcow

Monthly Bee - to ledraj

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