Monday, January 6, 2014

Today's Finishes

So - it's 1* outside now. We had a Snow Day for school today because of the frigid temperatures and some overnight snow. 

I took advantage and crossed something off of my WIP list: #54 Guest Bedroom Throw Pillows (2)

Of course, somehow this turned into three throw pillows. 

It's just the fronts because they are headed out to my friend Charisma to be quilted along with my Scrappy Swoon-a-long that I finished last fall (which I made out of my scrap bin! Woot!):
The original plan was a pillow from the scraps of the quilt (scraps of scraps?):

And one actual Swoon block:

But when I looked at them side-by-side it felt wrong. So I threw together another Swoon block:

I also firmly decided on paint colors for the guest room. Grey walls, white crown moulding, and yellow ceiling. We need to figure out a bit of furniture issues (it's filled with functional, yet assorted hand-me-downs) and that room will be all done. 

Not bad for a Monday. :)


  1. The swoon quilt is fantastic - it looks so good with that big assortment of prints and colours! I love a good scrappy quilt.

  2. Thank you!

    Here's a link to the blog that hosted the scrappy-swoon-a-long:

    it was a lot of fun - and really helped me sort through and organize my scraps!

    I think the best part though is that there are some really special fabrics hidden in those petals - they make me smile every time I find them.