Saturday, January 4, 2014



So I had to bring my laptop down to make this list!

I count anything that has a pattern and fabric pulled as a UFO/WIP - but I don't count any of my embroidery blanks.

So, here's the list:

These have a pattern, but no fabric pulled yet - but have planned recipients...
1. Luscious Bow Tote #1 (For Morgan)
2. Luscious Bow Tote #2 (For Megan)

These have a pattern and fabric pulled - planned as stock for the etsy store and craft fairs...
3. Raspberry Ripple Tote - Brown and Gold
4. Juliet Purse - Pink & Green
5. Juliet Purse - Blue/Green Owls
6. Juliet Purse - Sewing Notions
7. Juliet Purse - Pure (Brown and Blue)
8. Juliet Purse - Teal/Tan Stars
9. Juliet Purse - Pink & Brown
10. Juliet Purse - Bright Polka Dots
11. Juliet Purse - Halloween
12. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Green Dots
13. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Orange Swirls
14. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Blue Mandala
15. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Yellow Vintage Flowers
16. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Grey/Teal Batik
17. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Rust/Orange
18. Two Hour Tulip Purse - Blue Stars
19. Desk Deli Tote - Summertime
20. Desk Deli Tote - Full Bloom
21. Sweet Sixteen Tote - Java
22. Strip to the Beach Quilt-As-You-Go Tote

These all have fabric pulled, but not all have a pattern selected yet:
23. Americana Quilt
24. Teal/Brown Quilt
25. Breast Cancer T-Shirt Rag Quilt
26. JM T-Shirt Quilt (Maybe 2? Lots of Shirts here...)
27. WVU T-Shirt Quilt
28. Disney T-Shirt Quilt
29. Yellow/Grey Quilt
30. Black/White/Brights Quilt (Swap Blocks - all blocks returned)
31. Sunkissed Postage Stamp Quilt
32. Sweetwater Charms Quilt
33. Black/Yellow Quilt
34. Pink/Black Quilt
35. Scruffily Quilt with Moda Make Life
36. Black/White & Color Turtle Applique Quilt
37. Animal Alphabet Baby Quilt
38. Love U Baby Quilt
39. Blue & Gold Stars Baby Quilt
40. Black/White/Red Baby Quilt
41. Owl/Brown Minky Baby Quilt
42. Pink/Fuschia/Teal/Brown Rag Quilt
43. Yellow Stars Rag Quilt
44. Pink/Brown Rag Quilt
45. Blue Puppies Rag Quilt
46. Green Rag Quilt
47. Bright Zebra Rag Quilt
48. Bright Leopard Rag Quilt

Other Projects
Things I have fabric/supplies pulled for, and just need to sit and make them.
49. 2 Pink Baby Silkies
50. 2 Blue Baby Silkies
51. 2 Green Baby Silkies
52. 2 Yellow Baby Silkies
53. Master Bedroom Curtains
54. Guest Bedroom Large Throw Pillows (2)
55. Guest Bedroom Small Throw Pillow
56. Guest Bedroom Curtains
57. Cupcake Party Table Runner & Placemats
58. Abundantly Blessed Table Runner - Haunted Mansion
59. Abundantly Blessed Table Runner - Fall Pumpkins
60. Herd of Turtles Wallhanging
61. Scalloped Apron (Remake into Summer Shirt) - Black/Grey
62. Scalloped Apron (Remake into Summer Shirt) - Brown/Teal
63. Gramma's Favorite Scrap Sac Wall Hanging
64. Two Black Magic Pillowcases
65. Blue/Gold Magic Pillowcases

That doesn't  touch my stash of fleece that I use as baby gifts and wedding gifts.

Or my stash of embroidery blanks.

Or my 'regular' fabric stash.


Now, realistically, I don't expect to do all of these in one year.  But I do think that having this list will keep me focused on projects that I already have supplies for instead of buying for new projects.  Working through this list should help me with my fabric fast.  :)


  1. Jessica, that sure is a lot of sewing waiting for you! Just looked at your other posts, can we see more pics of your stash?

  2. Hi!

    I took a few last night - but I didn't want to double post. Look for them later today. =)