Saturday, April 17, 2010

I got a boomerang block back!!

I got my first boomerang block back yesterday!!!   The block name is "Pennsylvania" and it's from CollettaKay -- SO VERY PRETTY!!!!!

In an unrelated note -- I have a huge moment at the movies last night.   My friend's son is at the age where he wants to go on dates, but still needs to be chaperoned. So lately, I've been going to the movies with my friend (and her son and his date) -- last night we took a big risk and went to a different movie than the son & his girl.  We walked into our theater (and we were the only ones there!!) and as the next couple walked in (ended up being the only other people in that movie!!!) ONE OF MY BAGS WAS ON THE LADY'S SHOULDER!!!   It was such a rush to see my "work" in "public"

Here's the bag:


  1. I can only imagine how exciting it must be to see someone out in public with one of your creations. Well done!

  2. How thrilling to see someone carrying one of your bags!

  3. It was a huge rush!!

    I can only hope for more of that feeling!! =)