Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

(well, tomorrow anyway)

But I've been sorta celebrating all weekend.  Yesterday, my boyfriend and I drove up to Pittsburgh to the strip district for lunch @ permanti bros. Then we wandered around for a bit before heading to the Meeting of the Marked (a tattoo convention run by the guy that does our ink - Pinnacle Tattoo, check him out!). Then we went to Robinson for some shopping (shoes, joanns, half-price books). After that, my entire immediate family suprised me with hibatchi dinner!!! My mom even brought me a birthday cake from my favorite bakery "back home" -- it made a two-hour trip to see me!

Today, while not as exciting, was just as awesome. Slept in (ahhhh), did the laundry (yuck, but glad it's done), had a great dinner, and spent most of the day working on misc. projects in my sewing room.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday -- not looking forward to working on my birthday, but my students have been kinda sneaky lately -- i think they're up to something. =)

Here's some pictures of what I finished up this weekend.

Block for me from a swap

Block from me for a swap.

Block from me for a swap

A gift for my Secret Quilt Angel  =)

Chrismas present

happy halloween to all!


  1. Happy Birthday! I've quit counting mine.....

  2. Happy (Belated) Birthday, to you -- and thanks for posting on Cheaper than Therapy to let me know there's "another one" creeping around out there! LOL I can't tell you how many "you shoulda been born the day before" comments I've suffered through (do you get those witchy halloween remarks??) in my lifetime. I prefer the Saint thing, thank you very much! LOL Sounds like you had a great day with the convention (what was THAT like!? :-D) and cake from home!!
    Mary Lou