Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Snow Day!!

So, winter is hitting the school year pretty hard. Today made our 7th snow day and they've already cancelled for tomorrow.

I took advantage of my day (again!) and made quite a few things.  None of them were on my to-do list, but still - I had a good day.  I made everything with supplies/fabric/blanks that I had hanging out in my studio. That makes me a pretty happy girl!

12 Lanyards for Etsy/Craft Show Stock:

A start on some baby gifts for a friend:

Workout Towels (set 1) for Etsy/Craft Fair Stock:

Workout Towels (set 2) for Etsy/Craft Fair Stock:

Workout Towels for a Former Kiddo - She's vying for Miss West Virginia and her platform is Domestic Violence - she wants to raffle these off at a Zumbathon:

Two infinity scarves for Etsy/Craft Fair Stock:

Baby Blanket for a Former Kiddo:

All in all, not a bad day. Plus I went to the gym myself and got 60 minutes on the elliptical.  I took pictures of several items and now I'm going to work on updating my Etsy Shop.

Since I already know I'm off tomorrow, I've decided that tomorrow will be the day I will make the curtains for our bedroom.  That way the next snow day we have I can sleep in!


  1. I think since I just went down to play -- not even attempting the to-do list -- allowed me to really have a little fun. Today has been filled with errands - but after dinner I really want to make those curtains tonight.