Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Katie's Alpha Xi Delta T-Shirt Quilt


This is quite happy for me - I absolutely adore making t-shirt quilts. And for some reason, maybe because of my own experience, sorority quilts make me smile the entire time. 

It's done in two of ΑΞΔ colors and I love how it turned out. 

Hers a pic that shows the back:

I love to back my t-shirt quilts with fleece. I think it makes them extra snugly without making them too heavy. 


As far as the fabric fast for this one - I bought the fabric for this one with the deposit $ from the quilt. In December. But I didn't use it as an excuse to buy a ton extra (I have less than a yard leftover of each fabric!) and I didn't go out and buy different fabric "just in case" I don't trust my instinct with the first purchase. Excited about that too. 

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