Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Snow!!

Wow - it really came down today. They were calling for 2-4 inches, but we got more than 6" at least.

I braved the roads and went to a scrapbook crop today. I haven't scrap-booked in at least 7 years, and I'm trying to decide if this is a hobby I want to get back into or if I want to give it up to focus on sewing and quilting. 

I finished three spreads today:

I came home and cut out the pieces for a purse, but I'm too tired to sew so I think I'm done for the night. 

Not a bad Saturday. :)

Gonna cuddle up with the puppy and watch the Kings/Ducks Stadium Series game.  Stay Warm Everyone!


  1. Cute fabric for your purse. Stay warm.

  2. Thanks! It's leftover from the bedroom curtains. =)