Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Snow, more migraines, and more finishes!


We haven't been to school this week - but tomorrow looks hopeful as a half day! I really miss my kids. We have business as well as learning to take care of!

A little bit of cleaning, a little bit of organizing, and cuddling under quilts and blankets to stay warm.

I'm on the tail end of another migraine - this one was thankfully only two days - but geez! It's hard to be productive when you can't see straight!

I have finished a couple of things:
A purse (The Pattern is called Raspberry Ripple) from the leftover curtain fabric. The bf's sister was commenting how much she loved this fabric so I thought, "hey, why not!" She saw the picture and is pretty excited. 

A swim towel for a friend. 

Scarves for a friend. 

I also started on an apron/towel set for my etsy shop and the first of two purses that are rewards for student fundraising. 

Not bad, but my head still isn't quite 100% so I'm off to rest now. :)


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    1. Thanks! I had a good night's sleep last night, and I "pushed through" the rebound headache today so things are lots better! Today and tomorrow were all about school - we went in today for 1/2 day, and things are looking good for a whole day tomorrow - which is great, because we have a yearbook deadline Saturday! =)