Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fabricholics Anonymous Feburary Check-In

Oh My Goodness!!!

It's time for the February Check-in Already?  What happened to February? Where did it go?

I'm linking up to Rebecca Lynn: fabriholics anonymous february check in

I've finished 10 more projects so far. Here's the pinterest board to see all the finished projects.

 Not bad for a week of for possible flooding that took over the sewing studio.

Now, on to the purchases. I fell pretty hard this month, but I keep telling myself it's okay - required purchases.

February 3rd - Quilting by Charisma (SO WORTH IT!!) -- She quilted my Scrappy Swoon. Beautiful.
February 3rd - Postage $17.95
February 9th - Notions $44.87 (Tumbler Ruler, 16 1/2 Square Ruler)
February 9th - Fabric - $80 - 4 yards for a quilt background, 3 yards flannel for a JM quilt, 1 yard for gifts
February 14th - Pattern $8 - Dress Pattern for Baby Gift
February 14th - Fabric $50 Duvet Cover for Curtains for Guest Room
February 18th - Fabric $150 6 Yards for coordinating Pillow Backs for Guest Room, 8 yards for two separate dresses, 1 yard for baby gift dress (see pattern above)

Now, this looks REALLY BAD.  I know that.  For a no-buying fabric plan, I bought 23+ yards of fabric.

I'm telling myself it's okay, because they all have specific purposes. Which means I'm monitoring my shopping habits.

Now, my personal goal is to finish all, and I mean ALL of the projects listed above in the month of March.  Stockpiling projects is not ok.  I have plenty of projects stockpiled that I could work on without buying new fabric.

This means:
1. Guest Room Curtains
2. Guest Room Pillows
3. Spools Dress for Me
4. Blue/Orange Dress for Me (These two will be the HARDEST -- I don't have much clothing experience)
5. Baby Girl Dress - Blue/Gold (Which is where the 1 yard goes)
6. Baby Girl Dress - Jungle (Already have fabric for this one)
7. Turtle Word Quilt -- following the quilt-a-long found here.
8. Fundraising Gift for Morgan

Is my March to-do list.

Plus I want to make some doggie-themed gifts for our local animal shelter.

They're having a Parole-a-Pooch fundraiser. We've committed our puppy Pica to the cause.
Visit their webpage here to see more information. Or click on through to help bail Pica Oreo Creme Deluxe aka Viscious --every dollar helps.

This is his mug shot:
Doesn't he look so sad? (Sitting on my sewing studio rug - thanks IKEA!)

They're having a rummage sale on April 9th to raise money for the Parolees - so that's the need for doggie-themed items.

Hopefully completing a few more projects will help me not feel so guilty for SERIOUSLY breaking the fast this month.

So far, I'm 50/50 -- does that mean I add July to my fast and re-evaluate July 1 instead of June 1?



  1. Backing fabric was my downfall last month. Now I just need to get basting.

    1. So far I haven't finished any quilts! Just random projects here and there. I have a quilt top finished that needs quilted and bound, and so many more in my head. So what do I do? Join a quilt-a-long for a new quilt top! Totally my style. =)

  2. Love your giant swoon! The quilting is fabulous, those swirls are to die for. Thank you for purchasing more fabric than I did!!

    1. The quilting is all Charisma -- she has "Charisma Curls" that she is known for!

      I'm still feeling bad about all that fabric -- but if I finish all those projects it'll be ok, right? =D

  3. Love the dog! It is insanely cute. You certainly have lots of varied projects to keep you entertained. Hopefully you make headway on that 23 yards :0)

    1. Thank You! We "rescued" him from a family that was very loving, but didn't have time to take care of him. He is a very good boy now. Very cuddly and quite happy to curl up and nap while I sew.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for that March to-do list

  4. Your scrappy swoon is gorgeous! Hope you sew lots in March and yes if you sew all of it up net zero! Just like you never bought it:). Enjoy!