Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nothing Really...

Nothing really to update...

The fabric shop emailed me to say the curtain fabric I ordered wasn't in stock.  So back to the web I went -- found  my original choice at regular price (it's been discontinued, so most places that still had it had jacked up the price).  Actually happier with this route.

Still feeling a little guilty about purchasing the backing for the upcoming quilt...

Bought a little girl's dress pattern to make a birthday outfit for my friend's little girl.

Dug out some scrapbooking stuff to make doggie-themed cards so my sewing area is quite a mess right now.

Back to cleaning the house so I can be creative tomorrow.  =)


  1. Backing fabric is a freebie for those of us on a fabric diet. Don't feel guilty.

    1. That feels good! =) Thanks for the happy support!!