Friday, May 2, 2014

April Fabriholics Check In


A little behind the times I suppose!

As always, I'm linking up to Making Rebecca Lynn's Fabriholics Anonymous Group.

I did well as far as fabric goes -- I got orders for FOUR t-shirt quilts and one memorial quilt, and only bought fabric for those. (Though I've only started on one t-shirt quilt. -- I cannot get to my studio for more than 20 minutes in a clip.)

Though, it finally happened.  I knew it would. I was trying to avoid it.

I've been spending the money I would have spent on sewing/quilting supplies on scrapbooking supplies!

I joined Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator.  If you're interested in shopping, shoot me an email - purpleturtlequilts {at} gmail . com - I'll send you the info so you can shop with me.

My first class (held together with my upline) is this Sunday - I'll let you know how it goes! Here's a pic of this weekend's class goodies:

Back to sewing. Still a BUSY time at school - my yearbook kids met another deadline two days ago.  I wrote myself a note this time: "Never schedule anything during deadline week. NEVER." -- After three years (at this school) advising yearbook, you'd think that'd be a lesson I'd already know by heart. Nope. Oh Well. Pages were finished (on time!) and I spent all day yesterday getting my grades caught up. Hopefully today I can clean up some of the mess that is my desk.

I finished a few projects, two quilt squares for Miss West Virginia Contestants, Bowling Towels for a sibling get-together, an Embroidered Quilt Back Wedding Hankies, Greek Hoodies...

The finished list isn't much, and I feel like it's dwindling instead of growing.  I feel more pressure to finish things than before and that pressure is making the studio not fun.  Good thing I don't have time to not have fun!

I'm looking forward to this summer, checking off projects and cleaning up the space a bit.  It might be time to donate/sell some of those projects that I know I don't want to do anymore.  =D

How'd everyone else do?

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  1. April was a bad month for me. A shop hop derailed me.