Sunday, April 13, 2014

An update? Before fabricholics check-in?


Wow - I can't believe how stressful getting ready for meet the parolees turned out to be. Too much pressure on myself, I think. I had *all new* items on my table - nothing had been shown at a craft fair before. 
I had 96 over-the-collar dog bandanas in assorted sizes, 19 Bone-shaped squeaker toys, 12 Doggie Doo-ty Bags, and more chocolate candy than humanly healthy. 

We ended up being the top-earners that day  we raised a total of $161.41. More than $100 of that was donations - not much came from sales - customer attendance was pretty low. 

Pica was very well-behaved throughout the day. Greeting people at the table, talking to other dogs, and even running in the parade. 

It was hard work, but Pica has officially made his bail! He is actually a little over - and a couple people have put donations in the box since last Sunday. He has done a wonderful job of helping out the shelter pups. 

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