Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hey! Finished Stuff!!

So, We had school (on a delay) Thursday and (a full day) Friday.

We ended up having 10 total school days in Janurary. Eight if the kiddos were exam exempt. Not good for the yearbook coverage. Still, my kiddos met the yearbook deadline, with the exception of one student who lost his paperwork.  Since he doesn't have the required paperwork, his spread can't be double/triple checked before sending it to the plant. Unfortunately, I distributed originals (not copies) to the students to complete their spreads. Lesson learned there - I'll never distribute originals again.  Also sad - the same kiddo has been bad-mouthing the yb program to other students.  If the staffers aren't excited about the program/book - why should anyone else in the school be excited to buy the book?  Looks like I have some major work to do there.

Enough school talk.

Here are some recent finishes:

Super cute twin baby boy onesies. Baby A is in blue, and Baby B is in green -- the picture is a little dark, but still cute!  I might have run out of ideas with this set - but I think the twins (which were born Jan 16th - a month early, but perfectly healthy!) have gotten a good set of gifts.  =)

Apron/Kitchen Towel set -- this will be listed in my etsy shop, and if it's still around - carted to craft shows.

Days of the Week Bibs for a baby boy -- a college friend is having a baby boy this summer.  These puppy days of the week bibs turned out cute!

More gifts for my college friend.

And a finish off the to-do list (sorta.)

2. Luscious Bow Tote #2 (For Megan)

So, I figured out why I haven't made this pattern yet.  I spent an HOUR trying to get the pattern to copy correctly and could not make it work.  So instead of the Luscious Bow Tote - I made a Juliet Purse. Somehow, this fabric was with the other stacks that were listed on the WIP list, but this particular purse wasn't listed. Hmrph. I thought I was gonna get to mark off TWO things from the list! ;)

I ironed the fabric for the other student fundraising award purse - probably going to make this Juliet Purse (it's from Me & My Sister) again -- while I've made them before, it's been a LONG time, but the pattern was nice and easy to follow, and the purse turns out so nice and clean.

It warmed up this weekend, and all the snow had melted away by this afternoon. But, around 7 tonight it started snowing again, and there's a full inch on the ground - on top of a layer of ice from the rain this afternoon.  Hopefully the road crew can clean up enough for me to see my kids tomorrow. I want to make my staff a happy bunch again.