Saturday, February 8, 2014

A close call!

Hi All,

Not much sewing was completed this week.  My sewing studio is in our basement and we had a flood scare this week. 

We are one house down from the creek, and the water was pretty high - with huge blocks of ice on top.  Sometimes the ice builds up and makes dams in different places and can cause severe flooding.

So, the basement got a quick sweep, and everything within two feet of the floor was picked up and stacked up and put away. (Meaning my sewing desk is currently holding tubs of stuff - which I really need to sort and purge)

Luckily the water level is going down and it looks like we might be in the clear. 

(You can see the high water mark close to the sign in this picture - and that the water is down further than the ice now.)

I'm hoping to put stuff back together tonight and be able to sew tomorrow.  =) First though - I need to clean the house. I have the two bedrooms picked up - just have the living room, dining room, and kitchen left to clean. Then it's downstairs to the basement!

On a much happier note, my Scrappy Swoon-a-long quilt came back from Charisma this week. It is so beautiful!  We really need to paint the guest room so it is a little more worthy of the quilt!

More winter weather is headed our way tomorrow and Wednesday - here's hoping the creek can keep up!


  1. Glad you had no basement problems. Love your scrappy swoon.

  2. Thanks! We are relieved, but we're still going to keep an eye on it.

    That quilt is so much better since Charisma quilted it!

  3. I saw your scrappy swoon on Charisma's blog and loved it. Still do. I hope to make one soon too.

    1. Thanks! Her quilting made all the difference! The quilt-a-long instructions are great -- it was actually pretty easy and fast to put together!