Saturday, February 8, 2014


I'm doing so well on my fabric fast, only postage costs so far in February (There are a couple embroidery patterns I want to buy, but I'm waiting until I can actually stitch those projects out.)

Then I came across this adorable quilt-a-long and I'm in LOVE.  I have fabric picked out for the letters (I think my first one is going to say "turtles" and I'm going to use some of my hoarded turtle fabric) -- but I don't have fabric for the background.

Do I purchase the fabric to make the quilt?  Use an old sheet I have just chillin in the studio?

I want to buy the fabric, so I can follow the directions, but really won't a sheet do just as well?


  1. I have been buying background fabric if necessary. That is probably cheating but even if I have the other fabric for the quilt but don't have the background then I am stuck.

    1. I have sheets that would work, and I have plenty of other quilts I could do instead...

      Also, the bf wants me to buy something for the curtains in the guest room.

      The Struggle!!!