Monday, February 10, 2014


I bought the 4 yards I needed for curtains for the guest room (Boyfriend said it didn't count since it was for the house)

And I bought 6 yards for the backing for my quilt-a-long. It's super cute -- check it out here - it's totally worth it.

And I bought a yard of super cute camera fabric. (Will use this for gifts for the yearbook kids)

And 3 yards of Lion fabric to use for a JM quilt.

And a jumbo paw print punch.


That was a HARD fall.

BUT  I had several more yards of cute fabric in my cart -- but because I didn't have an immediate use for them, I didn't buy them -- that counts as a victory, right?

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  1. The backing fabric is costing me this month. Yikes. And it was all on sale.